Friday, May 20, 2011

Tough Little Guy

The last 24 hours have trying but Sebastian has been such a trooper.  Yesterday he had his 6 month vaccinations which we knew because of his history that he has bad reactions (ie fever, swelling etc)  So last night he was very unhappy and we saw actually tears for the first time- very difficult for Mommy to see.  He slept on and off but only when being held and didn't eat a lot.  Thankfully, this morning he ate all his breakfast and we were off to the passport office.  The paperwork took so long that Sebastian fell asleep.  Then they needed to take his passport picture so we had to wake him.  Then the man take the photo kept asking me to basically have my 6month old stand with out my hands being visible,  holding him in the air and making sure he doesn't move at all (totally impossible).  Finally, after literally 15 photos another gentleman came over and took the last photo- of course by this point Sebastian was crying and looks miserable in his passport photo - unfortunate because he is normally such a happy smiling baby but between the vaccines and the nap skipping.  He took an extra long nap this afternoon and we are hoping that by tomorrow he is back to his normal self.  Tonight he was even splashing and playing in the bath.

The process is paused until we get Sebastian's passport (which we hope will be late Monday afternoon)  Then things get crazy again.

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