Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Then there were three...

A very sad morning in the Plante family - Greg left to return to the states.  We all already miss him terribly.  Thankfully, Sebastian keeps giggling and smiling making it impossible to not be happy even if just for a minute.  We are going to view this as just one more hurdle before our family is home all together - and God knows Sebastian is worth it.  Greg is home safely and we made Tano a little photo album with pictures of him and daddy and he has already enjoyed looking and pointingat it.  I am incredibly thankful to have Grammie here - not just for the amazing help but also the company.  Of course Sebastian loves her to pieces and that doesn't hurt either.

Process Update: So we got some good news tonight.  Our paperwork was admitted by the judge and sent to the defender of minors- where they approved it!  All of that went much more quickly than expected. (It could have taken weeks)  Now the paper work is back in the judge's "inbox"  Once he "opens" it he has ten days to grant the Sentencia or final adoption decree.  Please keep us in your prayers and hope that the judge "opens" the papers soon - then we can start counting down to Sebastian officially being part of our family!

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