Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its like I live in Colombia

Today was a low key kind of day. The longer I am here the more it seems like I live here and the more difficult it is to imagine myself at home.  I am accustomed to the city sounds, our accordion playing neighbor, and the oddities of the stove here in the apartment.  Last night Sebastian had a  choppy night's sleep - so Mommy did as well.  But Grammie let me sleep in this morning and catch up a little. (Sooo nice of her)
This afternoon we went back to the Usaquen area and Artisan Market - now that we have the lay of the land and  know what we are doing.  We had a lovely time and a light lunch and  then returned to the apartment.  Tomorrow is another chill day of course until late afternoon when Lord willing we will hear about the passport and maybe even the conformity agreement....It is hard to imagine that in less than a week we could be on plane heading to the states.  Sebastian is getting bigger everyday- most of his 3-6month clothes do not fit him anymore.  Its amazing just how fast it happens.  He is such a dear little soul- his personality and general disposition make it impossible not to love him.

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  1. This boy has GROWN UP -- and has the thoroughly joyful vibe down pat. Cannot wait! -- xo Cheryl.