Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So in love

Well despite lack of sleep and unfamiliar surroundings we are just so in love with our little family.  Sebastian can bring smiles to your face and heart despite anything else going on in the world.  He has such a lovely personality.  He is not loving the rice cereal and clearly just wants his bottle but each day we make a little progress.

Today Tano took his first ride in the stroller and seemed to have fun playing and looking simultaneously.  It was a short walk to the neighborhood market and back because it started to rain - thankfully mommy remembered to pack the rain shield.  Well it was meant to be a test run anyway because if all goes well tomorrow we are taking Sebastian to his first art museum! We let you know how and if that happens- with a 5 month old all plans are tentative.  Its going to be a full week- Thursday morning we have an appointment at CRAN and will get more information and a process update.  Then Thursday night Grammie arrives!


  1. He is gorgeous! I finally found this blog after losing that little piece of paper you gave me with the address. What an amazing account of your first few weeks with Tano! What a sweetie - it looks like you were all made for each other! He looks so happy and content - I can't wait to meet him. Tano and Kate are going to be great buddies. I can tell from the pictures that he has a super sweet, easy-going temperament. I'm so happy for all of you - thank you so much for sharing!! xoxox Jess