Saturday, May 21, 2011

Such a big Boy

This morning Tano woke up smiling and looking more like himself.  His leg looked better and the effects of the vaccinations seem to be going away.  Today Sebastian ate banana for the first time - and liked it!  It even seemed to make his rice cereal taste better.  He still takes breaks to chew on the bowl but has been eating so much better.

Sebastian also got his first bump today when he head butted the wooden bed frame.  I think it upset Mommy more than him. (who should probably try to get used to it with an energetic mischievous little boy) With a little ice the bump shrunk, Sebastian was playing and giggling again and you could barely see anything.

We had a busy day walking around la Candelaria (the historic district of Bogota) with Grammie and Luis Alberto (our driver and friend)  We went to a few different styles of churches that were quite beautiful and checked out some artisan's shops.  Sebastian was so well behaved - although he did keep trying to take his socks off and leave them in the street, a church and a coffee shop.

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