Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sentencia Update #2

Ok so not as smoothly as we had hoped... Two trips to the court today and still no sentencia in hand.
We got to the court around 9:00 this morning which by the way looks nothing like courts in the states.
You pass a book store then around a divider past security into a room with a desk and an elevator.  Oh and this elevator is clearly marked maximum capacity 7 people...and frankly seeing the size of it even that is pushing it.   Helena and I get on as number 6 and 7 and then two more women push their way on.  For a moment I thought we were never going to make it to the 7th floor.  We get off at the 6th floor (thats the highest the elevator goes) and walk up one flight of stairs to court #21.
Trip 1: we went to the court window and they pulled up our case and by pulled  up I mean went to a giant stack of files and picked up a bulging file wrapped in a string.  Helena and I carefully went over the Sentencia  documents checking all our identification numbers and names to ensure that everything was accurate.  Then, I signed.  Now we still needed the defender to sign before it was official and we could get copies of the decree.  When we went to the defender's office to inquire we discovered that everyone was gone for a training scheduled for the entire morning.  The secretary in court #21 said we couldn't get the sentencia until Friday.  Helena, not willing to give up asked the advice of a lawyer friend and decided it was worth a try to return in the afternoon and try to catch the attention of the defender.
Trip 2: At around 2:30 we returned to the court, went to the 7th floor where the defender's office as well as court 21 is located and there were about 10 times the number of people that were there in the morning- and no one was happy.  Once Helena got the attention of the defender he said he would not  the decree today but somehow Helena worked her magic and he said he would look into it in a minute.
We walked back over top court #21 window which was kind of a mad house.  There was a crowd of people trying to reach the window each pushing papers in front of each others trying to grab the attention of the window attendant.  This push and pull went on for about 45 minutes and Helena, God bless her, was right in the middle of it.  When she finally got a chance to inquire about the Sentencia the secretary said that the defender had signed it but he would not give us the copies until after 10:00 tomorrow.  Why? Just because he could. 
So. the status seems to be that the document is signed and stamped - we just don't have it and unfortunately we cannot move forward with the process without the copies.  So please pray that tomorrow on Trip 3 we get the official adoption decree... if that goes smoothly than the next step is a new birth certificate!
One other thing- did I mention I have the cutest sweetest little son?

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  1. You are SO patient!! Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow!! xo