Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Day

After a morning of waiting this afternoon proved very productive.  Around 2:00pm we arrived at the passport office and Sebastian's passport was ready!  (He does look incredibly miserable in the photo - just as I knew he would- unfortunate that Colombian passports last 10 years).  After obtaining the passport we went to get Sebastian's visa medical exam.  The doctor says he looks very healthy, up to date with his vaccinations weighs 14 3/4lbs and 25 3/4 inches tall.  The only flaw is the two big bug bites he received from the giant buzzing bug that resides in our bedroom (but cannot be caught)- but thankfully the doctor gave us some topical cream to help the irritation.
The Plan:
Tomorrow morning at 9:15 Luis Alberto will pick us up and take us to ICBF where the conformity document should be ready and waiting.  After that we will go to the US Embassy to apply for Sebastian's visa - this can be a very long process and if one paper is missing, one i not dotted the whole thing falls apart.  We are praying that this goes smoothly - nobody wants to wait a week and have to reapply.

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