Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cuter Every Day....

Its official - he actually gets cuter every day!  I bet every mom feels that way but I am pretty sure in this case its true.

Grammie got Sebastian to eat some cereal this morning.  Somedays he eats and opens his mouth with a smile for the incoming spoon.  While other days he screams at the very sight of the spoon.  We keep forging ahead.  Who doesn't agree that the bottle is just easier? 
Sebastian just loves his daddy and its really heartwarming to see the two of them interact.   Today they had their first game of catch and Sebastian smiled and laughed (Daddy did too)

Unfortunately, Greg's flight is confirmed for Tuesday morning.   I don't want to think about it never mind say any more -other than nobody here wants him to go.  Having a job can be such a pain.

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