Thursday, May 5, 2011

Made for Each Other

Yesterday Sebastian went to not one but two museums!  We visited Museo de Botero and saw some amazing paintings including one Miro that Sebastian seemed to like.  Then we went to the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) and he just loved all the shiny things.  The new little Plante family did all that in addition to walking around the historical part of Bogota, La Candeleria.  Tano was amazing he loved looking around at the art and the people, mommy changed her first diaper in a public restroom and our driver Reynel shared interesting factoids about the various buildings etc.

PROCESS UPDATE: We got assigned court #21 - which is good news and bad news.  According to CRAN it is not a court that adds extra steps or is known to cause trouble BUT they move very slowly.  Not the best but at least we didn't get assigned one of the courts they call 'the hole'.   As of April 27 our petition was filed and as of May 4th the paperwork reached the judges' "inbox"  One of many steps so please keep us in your prayers and cross your fingers that things move swiftly and smoothly.

He is just so precious

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  1. I can see in this last photo that he loves you already,.....enjoy your time with Grammi!