Sunday, May 15, 2011

Definitely a Mom

No new news to report...we are still waiting to hear from the lawyer about the legal process and the doctor about Sebastian's upcoming appointment.  Tomorrow he turns 6 months! (I can't believe it)
We did get a little sun today and went on a nice walk to the grocery store.  It felt really good to get out of the apartment and feel fresh air, sun and a breeze.  Also, in the last 24 hours, I have been christianed as a new mom.   Last night Tano peed on my lap through his diaper, and clothes and then this afternoon he again aimed right at my lap and puked.  Normally he is very tidy with spit up etc. so I feel like this was a rite of passage.  I truly am loving him more each day and if possible I think he is getting cuter...


  1. Oh boy I'm missing all sorts of fun! ;) Seriously though I couldn't miss you guys more... Sorry I'm not there for emergency clean ups (and to help spell check... definitely).

  2. HURRY HOME, HURRY HOME, HURRY HOME, HURRY HOME! Happy 6 month Birthday Sebastian! xox
    Love, Nina