Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Countdown

Now that all the documents are ready, we are all getting excited as the travel day is tomorrow...We've started packing and it actually feels real...

Things I am going to miss:
1. The sound of horse hooves on the street
2. Walking to the grocery store
3. The park around the corner
4. Helena, of course
5. Someone cleaning my bathroom (the only part of having a maid I got used to)
6. Having a bathroom IN the bedroom
7. The corner drugeria where the pharmacist knew what formula Sebastian uses
8. Using my Spanish and getting better
9. The coffee
10. The mountains - I never get sick of looking at them

Things I am NOT going to miss:
1. The construction across the street
2. The garbage truck that rolls down the street at 1:00, 4:00 or 6:00 am
3. The water heater
4. The stiff and incredibly uncomfortable bed
5. Never knowing what phone is ringing and if it is even in our apartment
6. The nightly ritual of boiling the bottles
7. TV- specifically watching Two and a Half men - just so Sebastian can hear the song (He loves it!)
8. The bottled water dispenser - its impossible to maneuver
9. The bare white walls
10. The glass furniture- they really hurt when you bump into them, which I do a lot

Helena came over for lunch today and to say safe travels.  It was really difficult to say goodbye- she has been such a dear friend and loving guide throughout this process.  Sebastian won the hearts of everyone he met here and they are all going to miss him.  Poor Marisol (the maid) cried when having to say goodbye.  Grammie said it best "its a happy-sad day" and of  course in true Bogota style it rained all day.

I am so glad to be going home with my son but a part of me is sad knowing that this once in a lifetime experience is coming to a close- we've made so many memories that will last our entire lives.


  1. We can't wait to see you guys. I know you'll want to nest when you get back--let us know as soon as visiting hours are open!

    Liz, Peter, and Lila

  2. There is a lot I will miss (and won't miss), but more than anything I will miss the time I had with the two women I love the most, watching them grow closer every day as they bonded over a miracle.

    I will miss Helena and her calming spirit. She has an uncanny ability to make any situation seem naturally relaxing.

    I will miss having fresh chicken prepared for us almost every day. :)

  3. I will miss Rachel & Sebastian so much! I love you both.
    I will ALSO not miss all the things Rachel won't miss - with the addition of the traffic! I could never get used to the congestion, and the inconsideration of the drivers.

    Helena is a remarkable person. There should be more people like her.

    Thank-you, Rachel & Greg, for letting me share in this wonderful part of your lives. I will never forget it.