Monday, May 16, 2011

6 months old!

Today Sebastian turned 6 months...its amazing how it feels like I have been here forever and also like the time is flying by - I can hardly believe that he is getting so big.  He is getting better at eating his cereal and has discovered he likes to push his face into the bowl. Right now we are working on eating, we tackle neatness and ettiqiute later. 

Wednesday we have an appointment with the doctor for his 6 mo check up and immunizations.  Last time he got a fever for a few days so we are hoping he responds better to the shots this time.  No court updates but we got out for a little and saw some more of Bogota.  Today we went to the botanical gardens and had a nice walk in some greenery- a nice change from city living.  We also went to a store called Maku' - where everything  hand made by Colombian artisans.  Every day with him is so fun.  He loves to laugh, loves his Grammie and does so well when we are out and about.

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