Friday, May 6, 2011

Grammie's Here!

Yesterday was our visit to CRAN and we had great weather for it.   The sun was out, the children were playing and everyone couldn't help but oooh aand ahhh over Sebastian.  Even the children were playing and talking to him.  At one point it got a little overwhelming and dad and mom had to push through a mob of sweet and excited children grabbing at us to get Tano to a quieter place.  The staff there really is amazing and they have such great programs and always need donations of clothes etc.  If you want more info check out their website-

Well that was just the daytime.  Last night Grammie finally arrived after two flights, a really long wait at customs, and the typical hectic taxi ride to the apartment.  Sebastian must have heard Dad and Grammie arrive around 11 PM because he woke up to say hi and give his grandmother a tired but sincere smile before returning to bed.  You can already tell Sebastian loves his abuela.  Today we showed Grammie around the neighborhood and got some playtime in....


  1. Happy Mother's Day!! How exciting that Grammie is there. I'm amazed how much Sebastian resembles you and Greg. He is absolutely adorable and such a happy baby. We all miss you and can't wait to meet him. The pictures are can really see his happy personality in them.

  2. So how was your first Mothers Day?! How exciting, cool to see pictures with Grammie! Have a wonderful time with her! Safe travels to Greg,..xoxo Nina