Friday, May 13, 2011

Rainy Days

Its been raining pretty heavily (huge thunder and lightening and all) the last few days - So we haven't left the apartment.  That combined with daddy being gone has made both mommy and baby a little under the weather.  There has been some fun though - Grammie has been keeping everyone's spirits up and even when a little out of sorts Sebastian played patty cake and danced with Grammie and got a good taste of his book.  His smile makes the rest of the world disappear...and his eyes can break your heart with joy.
Process Update: Well we are awaiting conformation from our lawyer (hopefully this afternoon) but we think that our paperwork is in front of the judge- meaning IF that is true within 10 business days we should hear about the Sentencia.  I will update as soon as I know anything more.  Thank you for all your prayers and wishes....keep them coming.

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