Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time with the boys

We have been without internet for the last few days so we are starting to feel just how far away we are.... Mostly we have been hanging out at the Halifax- learning to be more comfortable with each other.  The staff here is amazing and having time with other families experiencing the same thing has been very encouraging.  Also there are a few families here for their second adoption and they have been very supportive.  Check out photos from the last few days on Picasa (the link is in the left under contact info)

Sebastian rolled over by himself for the first time and has been getting stronger at tummy time.  His smile is intoxicating and his laugh contagious.  Even when he is fussing he is such a sweet little boy -we are so blessed!  Most of the streets around us have been closed to traffic for the holiday weekend so we got to go on a very nice walk yesterday around the neighborhood - which also put Sebastian to sleep but the fresh air was nice.  All the rain is  making us feel a little cooped up.
Tomorrow we move into the apartment which I am hoping will make us feel a little more at home.
I am wondering what moving all our stuff with Sebastian will work out but thankfully Helena got a driver to pick us up at the hotel.   We will let you know once we are somewhat settled in the apartment.
Process update:  Tuesday morning we have an appointment with the Defender of Minors.  If that goes well than he will file the adoption paperwork and our wait will officially start.  That's right what we have been doing so far is just waiting to wait.  We are hoping that things go smoothly and we are assigned to a good judge/court - so cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers.
(One family here are the Halifax is on their 11th week of waiting...)


  1. How awesome that he rolled over! It looks like you're really enjoying each other. I'm glad you got out to walk around, and that you'll finally be moving to the apartment. Hooray!!
    11 weeks 'waiting'??? Oh no! Please don't get that judge!
    Kisses to that sweet little boy.

  2. Ond of the many first together!!! I hope that you settle in quickly and have more sunshine in you future!! Wow- 11 weeks! The judge will see how much you love and have planned for Sebastian, so it'll all be just fine! Hugs and Kisses to him! Happy Easter!!

  3. Eleven weeks does sound nightmarishly long, but whatever time you spend down there will fly by - and you'll always remember it very fondly, I'm sure.

  4. What a sweetie! You all look soooo happy! We can't wait to meet little Sebastian! The time there will give you time to adjust to be a family before he returns to MA to meet the rest of his family. WOW! We don't want him to be too overwhelmed. Good luck with everything.Both of you already look like pros at this parenting thing. Give him a big hug and kiss from us.
    Aunty Judy XXXOOO

  5. Happy First Easter to Sebastian!
    Love Auntie Allison, Uncle Brian, Corinne and Aislinn

  6. Keep the pictures coming!!! I love him already! You two look like natural parents, proud of you!! xo Nina

  7. Well now. Y'all are looking like the complete Real Deal. For sure a beautiful family, and I can feel the love and delight from here.
    We're all smiling.
    x o x o
    Cheryl and The Fellas.