Sunday, April 17, 2011

Safe but not so sound…

Our morning flight was delayed for over four hours in Boston causing a long and harried journey.  We landed in Orlando about an hour after our connecting flight was scheduled to depart.  By some miracle the pilot was also delayed in Newark which meant we boarded the plane 5 minutes before its late departure.  We arrived in Bogota around midnight only to find out that ALL our luggage was lost.  We filled out paperwork, finally found our driver, and arrived at the Hotel Halifax around 1:30 a.m. with nothing but the clothes on our backs and the snacks we took from the plane.
As of now, there has been no word on the location or estimated arrival of our belongings.  So we are attempting to come up with a backup plan that includes somehow purchasing everything we need for the foreseeable future while praying that our luggage arrives before 10pm this evening.  On the plus side, we will still meet Sebastian tomorrow at 8 a.m.  So luggage or no luggage, the Plante family pushes on!


  1. OMG! Unbelievable! I will cross my fingers that you have your luggage by now. I've been thinking of you non-stop. Everyone at Corinne's party was asking after you. So if everyone's good wishes count for something - you'll get your luggage back quickly and have no more problems! I can't wait for your next posting.

  2. Yeah! So exciting that you are there safely. The luggage will show up - at some point - but at least you're there and get to hold your new little son tomorrow! Can't wait for pictures!!! ~ Julie

  3. Did your luggage show up? Does the hotel have cribs available?
    I'll be thinking about you all day tomorrow - take turns with Sebastian so you can both post the details of you meeting him and describe him to us. Please!!

  4. Can't wait to hear how everything is going! Please update soon!