Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New place new week...

We are in the apartment and it is really quite nice.  Its been a bit of an adjustment for all of us- having to deal with buying food, and dealing with the outside world in general.  We spent the first week  in a little bubble with  just our new family.  We had a lovely Easter morning with the staff and families at the Halifax and then moved in- the day tuckered us all out but we are starting to feel more comfortable here.

There is a nice park, grocery store and bakery all within walking distance and Helena (our agency contact) is possibly the sweetest woman ever.  She checks in with us regularly and takes us to all our appointments and even found the one store in Bogota that sold gluten free anything.
Process Update: Today we met with the Defender of Minors and were approved! We officially have custody of Sebastian and can travel anywhere in Colombia with him.  (Not that we have plans to do so just yet)  What it actually means is we are legally responsible for him and our lawyer can file paperwork to petition the final adoption.  (This is the point at which the wait begins....)  Sometime the beginning of next week we should find out which court and judge we have been assigned to - this makes all the difference.  Some courts have a reputation for moving smoothly while others add extra steps and many more weeks.  So please pray that we get a good assignment.
They are just so cute- I can't help it


  1. I'm so glad to hear your waiting has begun. I had to write that because it's such a weird sentence. Does Hallmark make that card?

    I've been thinking about The Plante Family a ton. If all of the good wishes heading your way have any effect, you'll get the best judge ever.

    Hang in there. Enjoy the waiting! Love to you all.

  2. all of my fingers and toes are crossed,...which could get a bit uncomfortable after a while,..but it will be well worth it! Thinking of you constantly, Nina