Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Living in Bogota

Nothing new to report.  I wanted to share our family photo:

Also, I was just thinking about some of the interesting things we are discovering while living here in Colombia.
1) Father and son both love watching youtube videos
2) The apartment walls are thin and our neighbor plays the accordian well into the evening
3)Yes the sun does come out and its burns your skin quickly
4) I don't think they believe in bath tubs... only showers
5) I can't wait for our family and friends to see how sweet and adorable Sebastian is first hand


  1. I love love love the family photo! I am so anxious to see you three, and get to know my grandson.
    Hoping for the best as far as a decent judge goes. The sooner the better so you can get going with your life as a family of 3 back home.
    I can see the concentration on Sebastian's face - what movie is his father letting him watch? I hope it's age appropriate!

  2. if you're into watching youtube videos these days, check out this one (if you haven't already). seth has been watching it at least twice a day. i can hear him laughing from the other side of the house. not as cute as sebastian, but what can you do...

  3. Lila is a huge fan of Elmo's Ducks, Elmo singing the alphabet with India Arie, and Elmo singing "Don't know Why" with Norah Jones. Enjoy!