Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So happy together

Day 3: Our time is very full with our munchkin of a son.  Every day is filled with firsts.  Last night we gave Tano a bath for the first time.  He's so relaxed that it went very smoothly with barely a fuss.  Either he's the most chill baby ever or he's still a bit in shock from all the changes.  He's a power kicker and loves to use his legs whenever possible.  One of his favorite activities is standing (with a little help from mom or dad). He has the best smile ever, yet to be captured by camera (he's either very intrigued or a little scared of the camera).  He's definitely teething so we're enjoying all the joys of that first hand.
Today we won some sort of lottery and got one full hour without rain (it's the rainy season in Bogota and has literally rained every day).  Sebastian is a bit smaller than we anticipated so he doesn't yet fit in the stroller we brought, but we had a lovely outing to the grocery store with the Baby Bjorn which left him a bit exhausted.

Tano's sleeping is going pretty well though mom and dad wish they could get as much.  The challenges of new parenthood in addition to the challenges of adjusting to life in another country are leaving us both a little worn but every moment with Tano makes it all worth while.

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  1. Welcome to our family, Tano! I love the pictures! What a cute little boy he is. I can see the love going back & forth between Mom & son, and Dad & son. I can't wait to see him smile in person. He looks like a book lover too - that's always important. One of the sweetest things in the world is reading to a cuddly kid.
    Hope you all get a good night's sleep. I'm going to look at the pictures again. Love you!

  2. Rachel & Greg, these photos leave me breathless! He is perfect,..such a doll! You must be so in love with him! I cant wait to talk with you two,...xo love and hugs Nina

  3. shut. up. please keep adding pictures.

    btw, seth posted the drool machine comment, not me.