Friday, April 29, 2011

Healthy Little Boy

Sebastian had a doctor visit yesterday and it went very well.  The pediatrician said that he was a very happy and healthy boy.  We got some first- time- parent reassurance that we were doing things correctly.  This week we are going to start trying some rice cereal  and he is eating a little more formula each day.  Tano still is not sleeping through the night but is getting closer and with all the changes that are going on , the doctor said not to worry if he doesn't sleep through until we get home.  He is averaging 5 straight hours a night which is more than he was sleeping at his foster parents.  So little by little.

He loves going on walks and looking at everything around him.  We also discovered he likes to watch cartoons - but only certain ones.  He has already developed an individual aesthetic.
We had our first pee incident this morning- I actually am surprised we lasted this long with a baby boy.  While poor daddy was changing Sebastian's leaky diaper (we are going back to Huggies while we are here in Colombia...the local brand has proven to be less absorbent) he peed a second time all over the changing pad, the bed and himself.  Then as we put him in the bath to clean up - he peed a third time in the bath!  Of course he was all smiles and giggles the entire time.  He makes it impossible not to love him.

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